March 19, 2018

Each textile art piece below is for sale. Please contact me for more information or to purchase. To see a larger image of the work, please click on the thumbnail.

Fractals in Fabric

Fractals are complex geometric designs generated through mathematical formulas. Nature reveals itself in fractal structures so that the design of an atom looks similar on a computer to the design of a galaxy. Fractals capture my imagination as I create the designs on my computer to explode into the infinite universe and implode to microscopic size. Often I print the designs on fabric and use embroidery and beading to enhance the designs.

Eye of the Universe

Electric Fractal

Spiral with Stars

Radiant Sunburst

Spinning Spiral

Spiraling to Infinity

Inner Spiral

Solar Explosion

Eye of the Heavens

Spiral Mystery

Inner Flower

Core of the Universe

Spiraling Outward

Forest Fire

Chaos Unleashed

Fractal Landscape

Entering the Vortex

Life Beginning

Circling Spiral (SOLD)